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Who was Christine Englehardt ( Spring breaker found dead in Miami Beach ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

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It’s the 24-year-old Philadelphia Spring Breaker Christine Englehardt who was drugged, raped, and found dead in a Miami Beach hotel room.

Christine Englehardt pizzeria manager

Photos on her Facebook page show Christine Englehardt, a pizzeria manager, who smiled in front of the beach last year and in another moment smiled in front of the camera.

Another photo shows Englehardt kissing a dog with the caption: “My baby forever”.

Last week police said the bubbly restaurant worker was found dead and half-naked at the Albion Hotel in South Beach – where she was drugged and raped during the spring break.

Two North Carolina men – Evoire Collier, 21 and Dorian Taylor, 24 – were arrested Monday for allegedly drugging Englehardt with a “green pill”, raping her and stealing his credit cards.

Police said Collier and Taylor were identified through surveillance videos at the hotel that allegedly made them arrive with the victim around 1 a.m. on Thursday.

Englehardt has been identified as a victim by police, WBT News reported.

Miami Beach Det. Luis Alsina told a trial Monday that Taylor was “holding her by the neck so she can stand up.”

Collier reportedly told police they met Englehardt at a local restaurant and gave him a police drug believed to be Percocet, Alsina testified.

The men then took her credit card and left her unconscious.

The police are waiting for the coroner’s report to determine whether Englehardt died from the pill, sexual assault, or some other cause.

These tests could determine whether the two men currently charged with burglary, battery and sexual assault are also facing murder charges, police said.


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