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Who is Juliana Carlos? Who is Chris Carlos and Instagram.? LEBRON’S ‘COURTSIDE KAREN’ TAKES OVER TWITTER

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Who is Juliana Carlos? Read on to find out more about the woman behind Courtside Karen, including her husband Chris Carlos and Instagram.

Courtside Karen took to Twitter after the Lakers game on Monday, February 1. After an argument with LeBron James, Juliana Carlos and her husband were kicked out of the State Farm Arena.

Courtside was quickly named Karen, even by LeBron himself, and memes of the incident followed. Although little is known about the reason for the disagreement, she shared her page on Instagram. In her story, she claimed that her husband “has a problem with LeBron” and that she intervened when LeBron “said something” to her husband, which led to a heated argument between them.

LeBron James himself explained the situation in a post-match interview and agreed it started as a “back-and-forth” between him and Juliana Carlos’ husband before she “stepped in”.


So we know she’s not a big LeBron James fan anymore, but what else do we know about Juliana Carlos?

Juliana, 25, lives between Atlanta and Miami with her husband Chris. She has 32,000 followers on Instagram under the pseudonym @julianaacarlos.
She also currently has a YouTube channel called “Juliana Carlos” where she uploads makeup and hairstyle videos.

Her name before their marriage was Juliana Zambetti. She married her husband Chris in December after getting engaged in Mexico. It’s unclear when the two met, but their first Instagram photo together is in May 2019.


Chris Carlos is an Atlanta businessman and his family’s liquor sales partner. The Republic National Distributing Company is “one of the country’s leading wholesalers of alcoholic beverages.”

His net worth is unknown, but it is reported that he bought a $ 25 million penthouse in Miami in 2017.

Juliana and Chris Carlos don’t seem to be having kids together, but his Instagram shows he has a son and a daughter.


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