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Chantia Lewis

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Chantia Lewis, cabinet secretary, Milwaukee city councilor and Democratic Senate candidate, was charged on Tuesday with four counts and a misdemeanor for alleged theft of at least $ 21,000 from her constituency fund and lied about it.

The allegations were filed by the Milwaukee County Attorney’s Office. Lewis was first elected to the Milwaukee City Council in 2016 and announced her candidacy for the Senate in July. She is on trial on September 29th.

Lewis has no immediate comment on the allegations. A campaign spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment message.

Lewis is one of eleven Democratic candidates in the Senate race for the post of Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

According to the lawsuit against Lewis, she filed bogus campaign financial reports in connection with her electoral campaigns for the city council. According to the complaint, she deposited the campaign funds into her personal bank accounts and used the campaign funds to pay for her personal expenses.

Lewis, 41, also falsely told the city of Milwaukee that she was required to reimburse travel expenses for expenses related to the city’s activities, despite allegations that she paid those expenses from her account.

According to the lawsuit, she violated state campaign funding laws by submitting false reports, structuring campaign contributions to circumvent contribution limits, and illegally using campaign funds for personal gain. According to the complaint, she defrauded the city of Milwaukee and her campaign for at least $ 21,666.

Criminal charges related to professional misconduct between 2016 and 2020, knowingly submitting a false campaign report, embezzling over $ 10,000, and knowingly illegally distributing your campaign fundraising account.

Three of the felony charges carry a fine of up to $ 10,000 and 3.5 years in prison, while the embezzlement charge carries a fine of up to $ 25,000 and 10 years in prison.

She also faces fraud charges of up to nine months in prison and a $ 10,000 fine.

Lewis promoted her service in the U.S. Air Force, current pastor, and election to Milwaukee City Council in 2016 in her Senate campaign launch video.

“All my life I’ve been told what I can’t do,” she said as she walked the streets of Milwaukee.

Other Democratic Senate candidates are Deputy Governor Mandela Barnes; state treasurer Sarah Godlewski; Alex Lasry, vice president of the Milwaukee Bucks; and Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive.