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Who was Brooke Buchler ( Louisiana waitress found dead ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Brooke Buchler

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Months after a Louisiana waitress Brooke Buchler was found dead, police reports reveal she was killed because she knew about another crime.

Brooke Buchler Age

25-year-old Brooke Buchler was reported missing on August 22, 2020 and was found dead by a squatter in the former Naval Support Activity building the next day.

Investigators said Buchler told several people days before her death that she had been raped by a man she knew and that two men had beaten the accused rapist badly when she told them.

Brooke Buchler a waitress from Slidell

Buchler, a waitress from Slidell, was found shot in the head at the base. She was found with a large metal pipe in her hair, according to a police report according to WWL-TV.

“The female was lying face down on the floor, did not react and had blood on her face and right arm,” the police report said.

The report also cited “a bloody handprint on the door frame where the victim was”.

Dylan Craddock, 27, and Cody Matthews, 33, were charged with second degree murder in Buchler’s death in October. Both pleaded not guilty and are due to go on trial next month.

Police said the two men wanted to silence Buchler, who knew they almost beaten to death a man they believed raped them. It’s not immediately clear whether the beating victim is the same man Buchler accused of raping her.

Police claim Buchler was with the two men at a hotel in St. Bernard Parish on August 21, the day before she disappeared.

“As a result of the allegation, Dylan Craddock and Cody Matthews severely hit the [man] in Buchler’s apartment,” police wrote.
Authorities said the 27-year-old victim of the beating was also stabbed to death before being dumped in a slidell marshland. He managed to survive and made his way to a hospital, but has not cooperated with the police since his release, they said.

It is unclear why the man was in Buchler’s apartment. Slidell’s PD said the beating victim was an “acquaintance” of Buchler, but friends say they were in a short-term romantic relationship and may have stayed together.

It was also alleged that they met on Tinder.

Police said Craddock’s cell phone records show he spoke to Buchler on the morning of Aug. 21 and was nearby where she was found later that night.

The next morning, he wrote to his mother to make a drop and leave his cell phone with her to create an alibi, police say.

But he had photos showing him and Matthews in the abandoned building a week earlier, police said, suggesting they knew about the building long before Buchler’s disappearance and discovery.

After Craddock and Matthews were arrested, Matthews called from prison where he claimed he was present when Craddock killed Buchler, police said.

Matthews also reportedly asked for immunity from the police in exchange for the location of the murder weapon.

Craddock and Matthews were charged with kidnapping and attempted murder in the flogging of the unarrested accused rapist.

Craddock is held for a $ 1 million bond while Matthews is held for a $ 625,000 bond.

Both could face life sentences if convicted of murder, while the attempted murder charge could lead them to 50 years in prison and kidnappings to up to 40 years in prison.

Buchler’s mother spoke of her daughter’s death after the funeral. “I don’t know if she knew how much she meant to so many people,” Cristin Naquin told CBS 8.

“I think we were all kind of blown away by the people who came out,” she added. As far as I know, both were already in jail for alleged attempted murder / kidnapping – just fresh charges

Brennan, a brother, said at the time that she was like a “second mother”.

“It was just me, mom and her in the house and mom was working,” he said.