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Who is Benjamin Glynn ( Briton arrested for not wearing a facemask ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Arrest, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

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A British expatriate charged in Singapore for refusing to wear a mask on the subway was admitted to a mental hospital after declaring the trial “ridiculous”.

Yorkshire-based Benjamin Glynn reprimanded the judge on Thursday, calling the trial “disgusting” and “absurd” as the audience cheered in the public stands.

The 39-year-old was originally arrested because he was on the train on Jan.

Prosecutor Timotheus Koh told the judge he had reached out to Glynn’s friends and family, who spoke of a “significant change in behavior” since the pandemic began.

“The defendant’s behavior in court speaks for itself,” added Koh.

Glynn replied, “My mind is crystal clear. I am very aware. I am enlightened. Just because I refuse to be a slave, you accuse me of being crazy. ”

During the hearing, Glynn stated that he was a “ruler” and denounced the legitimacy of the court by saying that he would not plead guilty or innocent.

Another ruler who refused to wear the mask on the MRI in Redhill last night. What do we do with these people?

Posted by Keefe Chan on Friday May 7th, 2021

The married father of two also claimed to have been “kidnapped and kidnapped” and “physically and mentally tortured”.

He says he was “tortured” in Changi Prison for 18 days.

Benjamin Glynn asked the judge to return the passport so he could return to Britain and see his wife and children.

“They stole my passport, the right God gave me to travel,” he said.

“I can’t believe this has happened since May 8,” Glynn said, according to Channel News Asia.

“It’s so simple, it’s so clear that this fiction of a case must be abandoned.”

He added, “I am unhappy with the way the Singapore court treated me.”

At that point, a woman was standing in the stands to clap and applaud.

Benjamin Glynn has been in custody since July 19 after the judge released his £ 2,700 bail.

At the start of the proceedings, Glynn introduced Abdul Rashid to Abdul Rahman as his legal representative.

Rahman also acted as Glynn’s caretaker, according to The Straits Times, and was previously expelled from court for improper clothing.

Eddy Tham

District Judge Eddy Tham banned Mr. Rahman from representing Glynn because he was not legally qualified.

Mr. Rahman told the judge that he was an “Ambassador General and Defender of the Philippine Financial Kingdom” and that he had every right to defend his “compatriot ruler.”

Judge Tham replied that this was “not the position” of Singaporean law.

The prosecutor further argued that Glynn should be examined by psychiatrists because there was evidence that he was not “sane”.

“The public prosecutor’s office has received a letter from relatives and friends of the accused or from people who pose as his family and friends, and this letter reports a clear change in behavior in the person of the accused, which has particularly occurred after the introduction of the COVID- Restrictions showed ”. Said Mr Koh according to the CNA.

Mr. Koh noticed Glynn’s growing “hostility” towards his family.

The prosecutor said that given this new information and Glynn’s behavior in court, it was “unwise” to continue the trial without a medical report.

Benjamin Glynn interrupted the lawyer and said, “The vaccination certificate certificate does not apply to living people, and I am aware of that fact.

“Why were the mask regulations lifted in America and Europe? Because they are unconstitutional. I am not getting my information from the Straits Times.

Judge Tham, however, agreed with Koh and ordered that Glynn be sent to the Mental Health Institute by August 19.

Before Glynn was taken to his cell, he yelled, “Good luck with your entry in the Book of Life, Mr. Koh. How can you say Singapore is a safe country? The police are following me like a herd of wild animals. That is not justice. ” That’s unconfortable. ‘

Benjamin Glynn joined the Singapore office of a UK recruiting company in January 2017.

Weeks before he returned to the UK for a new job, he was filmed without a mask on May 7th in a subway near Raffles Place, Singapore’s financial district.

“I think it’s crazy having to face a lawsuit just because I’m not wearing a mask.”

He is now unemployed as he had to return to a post in the UK which has now been withdrawn.

“It’s a terrible situation where I don’t know when I can see my family again,” he said earlier.

“Especially when I don’t even think the masks will stop the virus from spreading in the first place.

“I honestly think it’s a joke – I don’t think there’s any evidence that wearing masks is effective anyway.

“Scientifically, I think that’s nonsense, but now all I can do is wait.”

Glynn has been charged with harassment, public harassment, a Covid-19 law (temporary measures) and charges related to an “internal and external” crime by the state court.

If found guilty of breaking the rules of Covid-19, he faces up to six months in prison and a fine of £ 5,300.

The maximum penalty for harassment is one year in prison and a fine of £ 2,700.



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