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Who is Barry Morphew ( Husband who killed his wife ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Family, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

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Husband has been charged with murder of his wife Suzanne Morphew.

Barry Morphew was arrested and charged with murder. He tampered with physical evidence and attempted to influence an officer, authorities said.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said he was pulled over “without incident” on Highway 50 around 9:15 am and was alone at the time. .

According to Spezze, an affidavit on the case has been sealed and no further details will be released as the 49-year-old mother’s disappearance is still the subject of an ongoing investigation.

The sheriff said Suzanne Morphew’s body was still missing, but added: “We believe Suzanne is not alive at this time.”

Spezze said the year-long investigation involved more than 70 local, regional, state and federal officials, 135 arrest warrants issued and around 400 interviews with potential witnesses, while plotting 1,400 suggestions.

District Attorney Linda Stanley said Barry Morphew refused to answer questions and requested a lawyer after his arrest.

“Today is a good day,” said Stanley. “It’s a good day for all the law enforcement men and women who have worked tirelessly to get here. You have worked day in and day out, sacrificing more than you will ever know.”

When asked if there was enough evidence to support Morphew’s charge, Stanley said, “I wouldn’t have sued if I hadn’t been confident.”

Federal investigators made no comment and questioned the sheriff’s office.

“I can confirm that Barry Morphew has been arrested and I recommend that you contact the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office for further details,” Courtney Bernal, spokesperson for the FBI’s Denver office, told KKTV.

“The FBI continues to work with the Chaffee County OS, the 11th District Attorney’s Office, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.”

Barry Morphew was a suspect in the case, but insisted he was innocent.

“My first reaction was relief,” the missing woman’s sister, Melinda Moorman, told Fox News. And grateful. I am so grateful. ”

“Justice for my sister begins today,” he said. “It was a trip that no one can imagine.”

Suzanne Morphew was reported missing by a neighbor after failing to return from a bike ride on May 10, 2020 while her husband was reportedly traveling on business.

Their bicycle was found near a bridge near the house the couple shared with their two children.

Barry Morphew launched a campaign to find his wife soon after her disappearance, including using Facebook for help.

He offered a $ 100,000 reward for his return and participated in massive efforts to find his wife or body.

However, questions have arisen about her possible role in the case, including reports that she left a Denver hotel room that had been cleaned and smelled of bleach before Suzanne Morphew went missing.

The revelation came from Jeff Puckett, an employee of Barry Morphew, who said he was called to a hotel to work with him on a project.

However, Puckett waited two days and never met Barry Morphew, nor did he work the job he was called to do, he said.

Instead, he said he found a large amount of mail in the room, including correspondence from an insurance company, and said, “The room really smelled of chlorine.”

“It was a little weird,” Puckett said. “My first thought was that it had to be an alibi. This is what it feels like. “