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Who is Babis Anagnostopoulos ( Husband CONFESSES to murdering British wife ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Babis Anagnostopoulos

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Caroline Crouch Greek husband confessed to killing her in front of her baby when she threatened to leave him.

Babis Anagnostopoulos admitted strangling the 20-year-old Brit after investigators found smartwatch data suggesting she wasn’t dead in her first testimony.

The 33-year-old helicopter pilot first told police that his wife had been killed by thieves who brought him in the early morning of September 7.

He told the police in his testimony of him: “We had a fight early that night. At one point he threw the baby in the crib and told me to get out of the house.

“I lost my temper, I suffocated her with the pillow. “So I invented a robbery. ”

His confession, more than five weeks after her death, came after six hours of interrogation Thursday by Greek police.

“Faced with the evidence, he confessed,” police spokesman Apostolos Skrekas said.

“The locator contradicted his original claim that he had been bound and gagged by three attackers. Instead we found her moving around the house, from the attic to the basement.

Skrekas declined to comment on whether her husband acted alone or hired accomplices.

He said the man’s motive for killing his wife was because she threatened to leave him hours ago.

Evidence showed ?

Evidence showed that an exercise tracker strapped to Caroline Crouch’s wrist showed her heart rate stabilized for at least an hour before Anagnostopoulos notified authorities of the pre-dawn raid.

Greek police said in a statement: “The investigation into the murder of a 20-year-old local (or resident) in Glyka Nera on 11 May 2021.

“The perpetrator is the 33-year-old husband who confessed to the crime of him.”

Senior investigators said her husband is in custody pending trial this weekend.

Anagnostopoulos’ confession ends a month-long investigation into what authorities have called a “near-perfect murder” because the killer left no evidence.

“He claimed he acted angrily with his wife in times of crisis,” Skrekas said. “He explained in detail how he strangled the victim.”

Anagnostopoulos told police he was handcuffed by three robbers who broke into his home early in the morning, pointed a gun at his son’s head, strangled his wife and then walked out with £ 10,000 in cash.

But officials say the couple had an argument in the hours before their deaths, with text messages exchanged in English showing that one had called the other “stupid.”

Athens police picked up Anagnostopoulos by helicopter on Thursday for another interview after attending a memorial service with relatives on the island of Alonissos.

In the announcement of their interrogation Thursday, police said: “The victim’s husband in Glyka Nera (suburb of Athens) is on the homicide squad and should be the only eyewitness to be questioned after the new investigation data.”

The new evidence found by digital forensics specialists also revealed another clue to the CCTV recording devices operating in the couple’s home.

On the night of the murder, the memory card was removed from the device, but the experts were able to determine one hour from the recorder’s clock, which appears to deviate from the count provided by Mr. Anagnostopoulos.

However, it has also been reported that the device clock may be out of sync with real time.

The police went to a Greek island where Anagnostopoulos is crying with his relatives, to bring him back to Athens today.

A spokesperson for the homicides told local broadcaster Ant1 that “the data discovered during the analysis cannot wait.”

The spokesperson said Mr. Anagnostopoulos was informed yesterday, but the police respect his wish to attend a funeral for his wife today.

From the island of Alonissos he was taken by boat to the neighboring island of Skiathos, where the police helicopter brought him back to Athens.

The spokesperson told Ant1: “We waited until the end of the funeral service, then the 33-year-old man was transferred to the GADA (police headquarters), this could have happened yesterday as well. The victim was transported from Alonissos to Athens to be the only eyewitness to be questioned.

Investigators are investigating details of the crime after their current investigation found no valid suspects.

They arrested a man late last month – a Georgian with a history of violent break-ins who tried to leave the country on a fake passport – but failed to link him to the crime.

DNA evidence dying under Caroline’s fingernails in the fight against her attacker has also proved inconclusive.

Investigators persecuted at least three men – two of whom were described as of medium height and stout and one smaller and plump – that Mr Anagnostopoulos claimed to have spoken to him in Greek, but not in a foreign language.

In addition to the Georgian suspect, police reportedly attempted to speak to a recently released Albanian in the hopes that something might shed light on the crime.

Investigators tried to find out how the thieves discovered there was £ 10,000 in cash in the house after Mr Anagnostopoulos, a helicopter pilot, told them the thieves appeared to be.

According to Mr Anagnostopoulos’ report, he immediately told the thieves that the money was kept in a Monopoly box, but they wanted more.

The men killed the family dog, handcuffed Mr. Anagnostopoulos and tortured Caroline for an hour to reveal the whereabouts of the family’s valuables before strangling him in front of her.

The murderers fled with valuables and a stack of banknotes that Mr. Anagnostopoulos had taken to pay for the construction work.

They left Mr Anagnostopoulos on a bed before he could pick up a phone and use his nose to call a neighbor, who alerted the police.

The Georgian suspect was never arrested in the Evros region in northeast Greece on the 21st. His car was stopped near the Bulgarian border for a routine check and was found to have a false passport, said a police source.

He and four others were charged with a burglary in Attica in early March, in which an elderly couple were handcuffed and robbed of money and jewelry. But the police could not make the connection with the crime.

Caroline, a statistics student at the University of Piraeus, moved to Alonissos Island with her Filipino mother, Susan Dela Cuesta, and worried father, David Crouch, 78, when she was eight.

The couple met four years ago on the island and got married in a ceremony in Portugal in July 2019.

In June of last year, Caroline gave birth to her first child.