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Who is Ayesha Basharat ( Hospital worker accused of using dead patient’s debit card ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

''Ayesha Basharat' is accused of using dead patient’s debit card to buy snacks.

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Health worker in the UK confessed to using a deceased patient’s debit card to buy snacks from a vending machine, even just 17 minutes after the victim’s death.

Ayesha Basharat, 23, appeared in Birmingham court on Wednesday for revoking the 83-year-old deceased woman’s card at the city’s Heartlands Hospital, the ITV news agency reported.

Doctors had recorded the time of the woman’s death on January 24 at 1:56 pm, but just 17 minutes later, purchases were made with her card at the ATM, police said.

Basharat reportedly made six purchases using the contactless payment option and made another later that night.

She tried again four days later, but the card had already been canceled by then, she told the store.

Police arrested Basharat while she was on duty and found the card still in her possession, the agency reported.

She initially claimed that she found the card on the ground and mistook it for hers, but authorities claimed the cards were of different colors.

Basharat was charged Wednesday with theft and misrepresentation


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