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Who was Ashanti Smith ( Teen tragically died at 18 from progeria syndrome ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Ashanti Smith

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A British mother mourns the loss of her “voluntary” daughter Ashanti Smith who died at 18 from a rare disease “Benjamin Button” which left her the body of a person eight times her age.

“Everyone loved and adored this girl. He touched their hearts a lot with his will, ”Phoebe Louise Smith told Kennedy News of her loss.

progeria syndrome Disease

Ashanti Smith died of complications from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, a rare congenital disease that sustains a person for up to eight years each year on Saturday. The aberration also causes serious heart problems, mobility issues, and other aging-related complications, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Despite having the body of a 144-year-old woman, Phoebe said her little girl refused to let her illness break her “strong and beautiful” spirit while she was still alive.

“It didn’t affect her heart, her will or the way she felt, she felt beautiful every day,” said the proud mum. “I made sure of that every day.”

Months before her death, the West Sussex resident celebrated her 18th birthday sipping her favorite cocktail, Sex on the Beach, with her mother and friends at a bar, Kennedy News reported.

“‘He got drunk and he really liked it,” complimented Phoebe on her daughter’s first girls’ night out. “There are pictures of his first identification. We took them all to the pub, all the girls and me.

Every time one of the girls offered to bring Ashanti a drink, she would say, “I’ll take it, why are you treating me any different?” Phoebe said, adding, “He was very strong.”

Unfortunately, Progeria syndrome did not affect his willpower, but according to his devastated father, “his mobility and had heart disease” and arthritis.

“She had a broken hip that she had to reattach three times, and then she came out at one point,” Phoebe explained. However, his proud daughter refused to get in the car and instead chose to be carried or even walk on the broken side.

The miserable day started off “absolutely fine” when the sassy teen walked through the park and “had KFC,” according to his mother. But soon after, Ashanti’s health began to deteriorate.

“It was very upsetting,” said Kayleigh Cartwright, a 25-year-old family friend, who was with the sick girl at the time. “It hurt a bit. Shaine [her father] brought her home because she said she loved her mother [so her condition got worse]. ”

Ashanti passed away with her mother, her father Shaine Wickens, 33, and Cartwright by her side, with her final words: “Mum, I love you. You have to let me go,” Phoebe remembers desperately.

The brave girl officially died of heart failure and natural causes, according to Kennedy News.

Since then, Ashanti’s family and friends have paid tribute to the deceased young man.

“Her condition didn’t affect her [mentally] at all. It was just normal. He was like any other kid, ”Cartwright said. “To be with her, he was like everyone else.

He added: “[Outside] he was 100 and inside he was 18.”

“Ashanti’s life was a joy,” said Phoebe. “She was the typical scruffy 18 year old girl and I loved everything about her. He was brilliant, it was Gobby [a swagger]. He said what he thought and everyone knew it ”.

To say goodbye to Ashanti, the family are said to have launched 150 helium balloons and fireworks valued at over $ 500, and also plan to release 300 flashlights.

They also launched a JustGiving page to help fund an elaborate funeral that reportedly included four white horses, an abundance of feathers, pride flags honoring Ashanti’s “proud” gay identity, and themed memorabilia based on the famous K-Pop group. . Favorite music groups.

“It’s gonna be a party,” Phoebe said of the extravagant celebration of life. “It has a big screen with video playback and, as I swore, a doorbell. Anyone who watches the video will laugh out loud. ”

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for progeria syndrome. However, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a drug called Zokinvy (ionafarnib) which has been shown to add more than two years to patients’ lives.

Not a word on whether this works to deflect the stress of mandibulo-acral dysplasia, a disease of premature aging with only one known patient.