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Who was Aran Chada ( British father drowned after diving into Lake Garda ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Funeral and More Facts

Aran Chada

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The first picture has emerged of the British father Aran Chada, who fears he drowned while rescuing his son after the boy got into trouble during a family trip to Lake Garda on Friday.

Aran Chada Age

Sales manager Aran Chada, 51, was on a boat trip to northern Italy with his partner Holly Mosley, 39, and their two children – a 14-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl.

The family, who live outside Loughborough, Leicestershire, were understood to have just started their holiday which would have included Mr Chada’s birthday on Tuesday, reports The Times.

On a pleasure boat about 500 meters from the town of Limone, Mr Chada spotted his son struggling in the water and jumped into the water to save him.

An eyewitness said: “He managed to get the boy back to the boat, where he was pulled in by his mother, but the man then slipped beneath the surface and possibly suffered a seizure.”
Mr Chada’s partner then called the emergency services, who located the boat and dispatched two Coast Guard vessels.

Helicopters, lifeboats, divers and a robotic submarine have also been sent to comb the 300-meter-deep lake, but no sign of Mr Chada has yet been found.

Coastguard commander Antonello Ragadale said: “This man was a hero and we fear he drowned but we are doing everything we can to find his body.

“Divers arrived by helicopter but could do little because a steep, rocky shelf drops off to a great depth at this point, so a remote-controlled mini-submarine from the civil defense agency was sent down and stayed late into the night after.” Man wanted, but in vain.

Ms Mosley and her children have been taken back to their hotel, where they are reportedly being assisted by professional advisers.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mr. Chada worked for Global Energy Ventures, a company that services oil fields in Africa.

Commander Ragadale added: “The search lasted several hours before nightfall on Friday and resumed at first light on Saturday.
“The weather is windy today so the search is proving difficult but we will keep going as long as it takes so we can offer some comfort to the poor woman and her children.

“The whole family is very upset and has been offered advice whilst the search continues and the British Consulate has been informed.

“The water goes down to over 200 meters in some places, so we use divers and underwater robots.

“The father was very courageous in what he did. He saw his child in danger and did what any parent would do and tried to save her, which he did, but unfortunately it seems he lost his life.’

Known for its scenic setting with dramatic mountains plunging into the crystal clear lake, the area is a magnet for British holidaymakers and former Prime Minister Theresa May, who is a regular visitor and currently based in the area.

An eyewitness told local media: “We were about 100 meters from shore when we heard a woman screaming for help.

“I looked over and she was on a boat with two kids who were screaming and pointing at the water, so we called emergency services and they were there very quickly.”

Temperatures at the time of the incident on Friday afternoon were around 38C, but the water was considerably colder and officials believe the man may have suffered a thermal shock attack.

In addition to units from the Coast Guard, a fireboat and several volunteer boats were used in the search. A helicopter also scanned the water, which reaches a maximum depth of 300 meters.

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