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The convicted killer, who s*xually assaulted a Bronx nurse and beat her to death about 40 years ago, will be sentenced to probation in September, but the victim’s family are fighting her possible release, saying ” It would be a shame”.

“It’s been 39 years and every day is a nightmare,” said Phyllis Meliota, 87, of the 1982 murder of her daughter Barbara Meliota by guard Anthony Doyle.

“You can never forgive someone who does such a bad thing.”

One spring morning in May, Barbara, 24, arrived at Montefiore Hospital early at 7 a.m. so that she could bring her father some coffee while he waited for a herniated disc operation at the same hospital. .

But Barbara never came to meet her father or start her shift because Doyle first met her in the hospital garage, where she worked hard as a maintenance manager.

“What he did to my daughter shouldn’t happen to anyone. It’s awful, just awful, ”Phyllis, Barbara’s mother, told The Post over the phone.

Doyle, then 22, from the Bronx, had previously been convicted of robbery and was on parole or parole when he decided to attack Barbara on the sixth floor of the New York Hospital garage. . .

The inmate hit her with the metal nozzle along the foot of a fire hose, dragged her to a damp, windowless warehouse one floor below to s*xually abuse her on a dirty mattress, then shook her his body thrashed in an air duct, while the researchers mentioned earlier. .

Later that day, investigators found Barbara’s body, partially covered with dirty rainwater that had collected at the bottom of the vent. When put away, her nursing uniform was tangled and her face was wrapped in a plastic bag – socks, underwear, and shoes crammed into a nearby trash can.

A preliminary autopsy revealed that Barbara died of head trauma and a fractured spine while falling through the air duct.

Confession on video

Doyle quickly made a “full confession on video,” The Times reported in 1982, citing prosecutors.

“She was only 24, she was going to meet the right man, get married and start a family,” said Phyllis. “She was beautiful inside and out… her dream was to be a nurse and she realized it, she worked in Montefiore and was a good nurse, and then this animal came into her life. He committed suicide. ”

Doyle has been incarcerated in the state since April 1983 and, according to the documents, last served his sentence at the Great Meadows Correctional Center in Comstock.

The murderer, now 61, has been eligible for parole since July 2012, but has yet to be exonerated.

Barbara’s family have been fighting his possible release ever since, and Phyllis now fears the parole board is ready to release him at his next hearing in September.

“You never know what the justice system looks like now, and it makes me very nervous and upset, not only because of the loss of my daughter, but also because of other parents and people with children. There is no worse loss than losing a child, ”said Phyllis.

“If this man is released, he will do it again for another girl, another woman. No woman would be safe on the streets. Not only did he kill my daughter, he killed her whole family … My husband was never the same again. ”

Phyllis said she spent “years” traveling to Albany to fight to keep Doyle in jail, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to plead on the phone and doesn’t want that. she turns a deaf ear.

If it was up to her, the 80-year-old said she would take matters into her own hands.

“It would kill him,” he said.

“I would kill him for what he did to my daughter and for what he can do to others.

“And you can do it again.”