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Who is Annette Causey ( Prison dinner lady, 34, joined drug ring ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Annette Causey

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A DINNER lady Annette Causey joined a drug ring in prison after hanging around behind bars with an armed robber Jamie Ellis.

Annette Causey Age

Annette Causey, 34, smuggled cannabis and tobacco into her bra after having s*x with Jamie Ellis, 31, twice a day.

The couple exchanged love letters and text messages during their affair at Hindley Category C Prison in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

They kissed and snuggled in storage rooms and refrigerators, and she had oral s*x with the professional criminal five times.

He used his smuggling cell phone to send her ‘s*xts’ about their glaring encounters.

An anti-corruption police unit rumbled their romance after a prison informant alerted them.


Detectives found a stash of cash, love letters she wrote for Ellis after searching Causey’s house, Bolton Crown Court heard.

The lovers met in 2018 after Causey hired Ellis to clean the prison kitchen.

Causey from Abram, Wigan, wept when she was incarcerated for 30 months after admitting to public office misconduct and a Class B drug delivery conspiracy.

Ellis, of Knowsley, Liverpool, was jailed for 16 months after admitting a conspiracy to drug delivery and unauthorized cell phone possession in prison.

He was jailed for eight years in 2015 on conspiracy to rob a series of robberies involving a gang armed with machetes, knives and meat cleavers against the Chinese community in Liverpool.

He was the getaway driver in a robbery in Croxteth and another at a McDonald’s when a security guard cut his arm open with a machete.

Prosecutor Amanda Johnson said: “The informant suggested that the two had spent long periods of time at each other’s company.

“They were seen coming out of refrigerators or storage cabinets together, and on March 29, 2018, Jamie Ellis’ cell was searched.

They had s*xual contact about twice a day, kissing and snuggling in storage rooms and refrigerators

Prosecutor Amanda Johnson

“ Mr Ellis was there with his cellmate and threw two cell phones out of an open window. They were recovered and both turned on.

“One of the phones had her contact number listed as” Nice “and the messages indicated that she and Mr. Ellis had sent extremely s*xually explicit messages.

” The texts were from March 16-29, 2018, up to the time of the search, and related to s*xual activity that had already occurred and activities planned to take place between them. ”

Causey was arrested when she was searched at work and found 45.3 grams of cannabis resin, two bags of tobacco and £ 510 in cash in her bra.

She said, “I’ve been told to bring it in or they’ll have my daughter.”

Police found £ 14,000 worth of cannabis and s*xually explicit letters were also found in Ellis’ cell.

Ms. Johnson added, “They had s*xual contact about twice a day, kissing and snuggling in storage rooms and refrigerators

“She admitted that she had oral s*x five times. She had given him a phone number at his request.

“The messages describe s*xual acts that they had or had.”

The court heard that the couple continued their relationship after Ellis moved to another prison and she even tried to visit him.

She was allowed to write letters and receive calls from him, but these were monitored and both continued to use s*xually explicit language.

Ellis’ cellmate Mark Berry, 32, of Widnes, Cheshire, was jailed for 21 months after admitting a conspiracy to possess a prohibited item in prison and produce cannabis.