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Anna Reed

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A British heiress was killed by her boyfriend for his money while claiming to have died in a s*x game, a court has heard.

Anna Reed, 22, was found dead in her room at Hotel La Palma au Lac in Locarno, Switzerland, in April 2019 after her partner Marc Schätzle called the ambulance service.

An autopsy revealed Ms Reed died of a strangulation and also suffered minor cuts and fractures.

This year, Schätzle, who previously worked as a porter in various pubs and nightclubs on the German-Swiss border, was tried for the murder of the 22-year-old.

At a trial in Lugano, a court heard that Schätzle owed more than £ 40,000 and was said to have known his girlfriend had “over £ 25,000 in her account”.

Five months after Ms Reed’s death, the 22-year-old’s credit card was discovered hidden in a hotel elevator panel.


Investigators suspected it was stolen by Schatzle, who claimed he hid it there as a joke.

But a source for the prosecutor told The Times: “The credit card was carefully concealed and then clearly had to be withdrawn. The claim that he died while playing a s*x game has never been convincing.

“We believe they killed her for financial reasons.”

They added that the German father of two said it was “an erotic game gone bad.”

Night paramedics discovered Ms Reed, and other hotel guests said they heard “furniture pushed around” and “broken glass”.

One person told The Sun: “I heard broken glass and furniture pushed loudly across the room.”

They added: “I wanted to go say something, but I thought it was too dangerous.”

Schatzle, who denies deliberately killing Ms Reed, reportedly met Ms Reed in February 2019 while on a trip to Thailand.

Ms Reed, who completed her studies and took a year off, is said to have enjoyed a trip around the world her father gave her for her 21st birthday.

After the couple had an affair, Ms Reed’s expenses increased “significantly”, according to a court.

On the night of his death, the couple had shared a £ 100 bottle of champagne over dinner before returning to their hotel.

They were then pictured smiling on the terrace of their attic room hours before Ms Reed died.

Schätzle, who has a “warrior” tattooed on his eyebrow, worked as a porter in various bars and clubs on the German-Swiss border.

A source told a Swiss newspaper at the time: “No one knows how he paid for the whole trip. Something is wrong.”

Schätzle denies the murder and the trial continues.