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Who is Andrew Delke ( Cop 27, who fatally shot a black man in 2018 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Andrew Delke, 27, who fatally shot a black man in 2018.

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The mother of a black man who was killed by a Nashville police officer was overwhelmed as she went to court on Friday when she pleaded guilty to murdering her son.

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Andrew Delke, 27, who was the first Nashville police officer to be charged with murder on duty in a shooting, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and will spend three years in prison.

In a chase in 2018, he shot Daniel Hambrick (25).

Hambrick’s mother, Vickie, can be seen in photos held by the court after she pounced on Delke during a court appearance on Friday.

“I hate you,” she shouted at Delke.

The process was temporarily suspended until the emotions subsided and order was restored.

Despite Hambrick’s anger and frustration in the courtroom, an accused, convicted and incarcerated police officer is a rarity.

“The reality is that tonight, for the first time, a Nashville officer will go to jail for killing a black man,” Attorney General Glenn Funk told Tennessean. “Nashville officials now know they will be held accountable for their actions.”

Supporters of Vickie and Hambrick had spoken out against the plea deal, signed less than two weeks before the start of Delke’s murder trial.

Joy Kimbrough, who represents Hambrick’s family, said on Thursday that Vickie was not contacted until the deal was agreed.

Delke shot Hambrick three times after escaping a traffic jam on July 26, 2018. Hambrick was armed at the time.

According to CNN, Delke was chasing a “suspicious” white Chevrolet Impala, which was initially stopped at a stop sign. Delke let the plates slide and found it wasn’t stolen, but followed him anyway “to see if he could find a reason to stop the Impala.”

Hambrick was nearby when Delke mistook his car for the Impala and pulled into the parking lot. Hambrick escaped and was shot from behind in the surveillance video.

“My son was killed on video by the Nashville police. My son is right. You are entitled to a public trial. I want the citizens of this community to pass judgment, ”Vickie Hambrick said in the Impact Victims statement read by Kimbrough.

“Not an hour goes by without me thinking about Daniel,” she said in her statement.

All the anger and excitement returned to Vickie as she stood in the courtroom trying to overthrow the accusation table and raging with profanity-laden profanity, she reported Tennessee.

“There is a void in me that cannot be filled. Nothing and no one can compare with my beloved son. I am angry, angry and disgusted, but I pray that no other mother has to endure what I have endured for the past three years, “she said in the statement her lawyer read about her before the retrial.

Delke, who has worked extensively with the Nashville Police Department, read a statement in court agreeing with prosecutors that “the shooting was not reasonably necessary” and that there were other options.

‘SM. Hambrick lost his son that day and I am responsible for the loss of him, “Delke said.” I am deeply sorry for the damage my actions have caused.

District Attorney Funk said he was ready for trial, but told the Tennessean the deal was “appropriate” and “what’s best for Nashville.”

“Daniel Hambrick’s life is worth more than three years. But it’s all the facts in this case that prove them right, “he said.” Detention is primarily a deterrent against future crimes. I hope this will discourage future wrongful killings.


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