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Who was Amrou Greenidge ( Masked gang faces years in jail for mowing and killing British taekwondo star ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Amrou Greenidge

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Five masked men who mowed down a British Taekwondo star Amrou Greenidge in a stolen mini and beat him to death in a horrific hit-and-run run now face years in prison.

Amrou Greenidge Age

Amrou Greenidge, 18, was knocked off his bike by a stolen Mini Countryman on August 18, 2019 while cycling through the Sullivan Court estate in Fulham, south-west London.

Four of the killers jumped out of the car and chased the victim with large knives before attacking him when he was lying on the ground, as the Old Bailey had heard earlier.

Amrou, who represented Great Britain at the 2015 Taekwondo Junior World Championships, died two days later after receiving hospital treatment for head injuries.

They were evicted by Kai McDonald, 18, before Connor Gwynn-Bliss, 21, set fire to the Mini on nearby Dymock Street.

Gwynn-Bliss and Darrell Mortimer, also 21, along with McDonald, Anas Osman, 19, and Levar Jackson-Scott, 18, were all acquitted of murder by a jury but convicted of manslaughter.

Gwynn-Bliss’ father Vincent, 58, had been accused of buying and delivering gasoline to his son before driving him home, but he was acquitted of arson and perversion of justice.

In a statement read out in court about the aftermath of the victim, Amrou’s father, Edward Greenidge, described that he has had “to contend with overwhelming grief” since the “violent death” of his son.

Mr. Greenidge said, “I know this may seem strange to you, but I haven’t given much thought to Amrou’s death that way. I find it hard to ponder my feelings when I’m just raw with grief and every day is a struggle.

“I felt during this process that I couldn’t express my feelings, I felt dumb and was only seen as a family member, an observer if you will, and not someone who could join in.”

Talking about being on “autopilot” since Amrou’s death, he said he couldn’t imagine life without his son, adding, “The truth is, I feel like I want to die all the time. I feel like this because when I die I’ll see Amrou again.

“I know that we all suffer losses in our lives, that we are all aware that the grief when we have lost people is terrible. But losing a child naturally is worse. ‘

Mr. Greenidge described the devastation of dreaming that his son is alive and well, only to wake up and be reminded of his loss.

“Hope is terrible, but the worst are the nights when I dream of his attack, when I feel his fear and see how he looks past his attackers and sees me, his father, his superhero, who all stops” , he said.

Amrou’s mother Mahdjouba described her son as an “exceptionally talented”, “gifted” and “caring” young man.

“He had a bright future ahead of him, we were sure of that,” she wrote. “Amrou was a generous, hardworking and sociable young man, something we heard from people who knew him and came to love him.”

Ms. Greenidge wrote of the impact Amrou’s death had on his entire family while her two other two struggled to cope with their daily lives: “No parents want to bury their child and the pain is as deep today as it was the day we saw him have lost.

“I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and I hear my son’s voice close enough as if he were in another room.”

Philip Evans, QC, the prosecutor, previously told the court the five killers drove the stolen Mini to Sullivan Court to look for Amrou. They all wore dark clothes with hoods and face masks or balaclavas.

“The group, four on foot, got out of the car and one in the Mini was looking for and found the deceased,” said Mr. Evans. “Then they followed him. They carried various weapons, including large knives.

“The group used the stolen Mini that was ridden by the first defendant, Kai McDonald, as a weapon and, according to prosecutors, it was deliberately ridden in Amrou Greenidge and knocked off his bike.

“When the car hit him, he hit the hood of the Mini and hit the windshield, and it was blown in the air and on the ground. His bike flew in a different direction. After he fell to the ground, the rest of the group that had been chasing him ran in and attacked him.

“Still in their disguise, the group gathered again, got into the Mini and raced away from the crime scene when they got into the car, all together as a group. The mini-car was abandoned shortly after on a nearby residential street called Dymock Street.

“After he was hit by the car, Amrou Greenidge was hospitalized but died two days later, on August 20, 2019, of head injuries sustained during the collision on this street in Fulham.

‘Amrou Grenidge’s death came as a result of group work. Indeed, each of the first five defendants played different roles and shared with each of them the same intention of what was to happen.

“The arson and the destruction of the car were carried out by Connor Gwynn-Bliss. Each of them do different things to get the same result.