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Who was Alexander Stern ( Millionaire son 36, found dead four month after his disappearance ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, details, Investigations and More Facts

''Alexander Stern'' Millionaire son found dead.

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The son of a millionaire was found dead in the Thames near George Clooney’s mansion four months after his disappearance.

Alexander Stern, 36, was seen on CCTV with a suitcase from a pub on the night of January 11 last year in upscale Sonning, Berkshire.

The corpse of the heir to the Chancellery was found four months later by a canoeist.

An investigation today found that Stern, the son of Britain’s biggest Ferrari collector, Ronald Stern, was reported missing three days after his disappearance.

Incident Details

Investigators investigating his disappearance later learned that he had paid £ 120 for a taxi ride from London after withdrawing £ 20,000 from an ATM.

He booked a three-day stay at a London hotel, but left the capital and traveled to Sonning.

After arriving in the picturesque town, he was spotted at the Bull Inn for about an hour on the night of January 11.

The former rugby student is believed to have entered the river.

Later, the police discovered a backpack with Mr. Stern’s things, but there was no sign of him.

His body floated to the surface 1.3 kilometers downstream before being found on April 4 of last year.

An autopsy could not determine the cause of death.

Mr. Stern’s mother, Susan, told the hearing that her son had struggled his entire life with “the inability to distinguish fact from fiction.”

Ms. Stern added: “For the past six weeks, I felt like I was contemplating suicide or starting over.

“He was running out of energy and options and she realized the magnitude of his emptiness.”

The investigation revealed that Mr. Stern had used his grandmother’s “considerable” inheritance to travel to Morocco, Spain, Portugal and even South America for three years.

As a child he attended Hall Preparatory School and Cheltenham High School, but as he grew older he developed a “total disregard for the value of money.”

During his time at the University of Edinburgh, he asked for more money in addition to his scholarship and stopped taking courses.

Before his death, Mr. Stern, a regular cocaine user, had a master’s degree in commerce and worked in a bar near his Chelsea apartment.

He had attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings and was diagnosed with ADHD and an emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Alan Blake, Berkshire’s assistant medical examiner, has handed down a suicide sentence.

Mr. Blake said: “Alexander Stern was a young man with mental health problems.

“Although he clearly had a variety of talents and qualities, his adult life did not provide him with the success and stability that he clearly sought.


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