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Who is Alexander Hicken ( Former Team GB gymnast faces jail after s*xually assaulting drunk woman ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Alexander Hicken

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A former gymnast on the UK team was convicted of s*xual assault after abusing a drunk and vulnerable woman after bragging about “I’m going to fuck her” in front of friends.

Basingstoke’s Alexander Hicken, who is now a trainer at a prestigious gymnastics school in Hampshire, took advantage of his drunk victim after he was put to bed at a party in August 2019.

The 23-year-old coach, who had a girlfriend, ignored the woman’s request to stop during the eight-hour test and sexually touched her several times, Winchester Crown Court has learned.

The disgraced gymnast, who represented the British junior team at the 2012 World Gymnastics Championships in Loulé, Portugal, faces imprisonment after a unanimous conviction by juries after a four-day trial.

Prosecutor Emily Cook said Hicken’s victim, who was having nightmares, drank so much lambrini and vodka jelly that “they had to put her to bed”.

Ms. Cook told the court that the woman, whose name cannot be identified for legal reasons, “was so drunk that she got sick every time she moved in”.

Hicken, who teaches kids at Basingstoke Gymnastics Club, sat on the edge of the bed rubbing her thighs and bum and was told to leave her room before going to the pub.

Ms. Cook said, “On the way to the pub, Alex Hicken made statements about the effects of the victim and said he was going to have sex with her, and then he said,” Wow, I shouldn’t have said that “.

Then one night he was going out with his friends where a witness said he heard Hicken say, “I’m going to fuck her”.

When he got home he was “not done” with her and continued to s*xually touch and kiss her before being surprised by others walking up the stairs.

The victim said, “I remember waking up and Alex standing in the doorway. He came in, I asked him what he was doing.

‘He said at the time,’ You just want a fuck or something ‘, I said’ I absolutely don’t want to ‘.

“Then he went to my bed and I asked him what he was doing. He said he just wanted a hug, I told him I wouldn’t have it because I didn’t want it. ”

Hicken continuously sexually abused his victim during an eight-hour test in which he repeatedly placed his hand on her thigh and buttocks, despite begging him to stop and reminding him that he had a girlfriend.

Hicken also tried sticking her tongue in the victim’s mouth after vomiting and grabbed her body over her clothes when she was “frightened” and “crying”.

Within two days of the attack, the woman conducted 27 separate searches of her phone related to the sexual assault, the court said.

Research focused on “how to deal with sexual assault”, “the psychological effects of sexual assault and abuse” and “sexual abuse and rape hotlines”.

Friends of the woman said the August 2019 incident “changed” and “disturbed” her, while the victim said she still had nightmares.

A friend told the court, “It was almost like the person I was with every other day wasn’t there. It was almost like she wasn’t.

“(She was) pretty upset like I’ve never seen her before. She usually grabs things by her chin, but it really hit her so I knew something bad had happened. ”

The victim said, “I have (nightmares) on several occasions. It was every night for a couple of months.

“They were the same every night. I wake up in a panic and have to see if he’s in the room.

Hicken, who appeared in court with her social worker, mother, father and assistant principal, denied the allegations and members of the Basingstoke Gymnastics Club spoke in their defense.

Hicken will be tried in Winchester Crown Court in October.