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Who is Alex Murdaugh ( Man Surrender After Confessing to Insane Plot ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Alex Murdaugh

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South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh stands Thursday in an impressive scheme to take down his suspected drug dealer so his son can raise $ 10 million in insurance funds.

Murdaugh’s attorney confirmed that his client was under an arrest warrant for conspiring to commit insurance fraud.

“He plans to surrender tomorrow and the indictment and bail hearing will take place at 4 pm. in Hampton County Magistrate’s Court, ”attorney Jim Griffin said Wednesday.

Curtis Edward Smith

Murdaugh’s arrest comes two days after his former client and co-accused Curtis Edward Smith was charged with multiple crimes, including insurance fraud and aiding and abetting suicide in the failed September 4 shooting.

Authorities say Murdaugh admitted to the plan and gave Smith a gun to shoot him in the head. Murdaugh hoped his death would result in a $ 10 million insurance reimbursement that would go to his only surviving son, Buster, authorities said. Smith also admitted his role in the conspiracy and the disposal of the weapon, according to an affidavit.

Murdaugh’s lawyers described him as a man shaken by grief over the murders of his wife and another son in June, and beset by mental illness and addiction. They say he is cooperating with investigators.

“I didn’t want the police to spend more time on this bogus crime instead of focusing on solving the Maggie and Paul murders,” lawyer Dick Harpootlian told The Today Show on Wednesday.

Murdaugh’s arrest warrant is just the latest twist in a fast-paced Deep South saga surrounding the prominent right-wing family that has dominated the Lowcountry for decades.

It comes three months after Murdaugh gunned down his wife, Maggie, 52, and their son Paul, 22, on the family farm. At the time, Paul was awaiting trial for his role in a 2019 boating accident that killed a teenager, although it is not clear whether the two tragedies were to the liking.

Murdaugh’s attorneys said on Wednesday that when authorities investigated the double homicide, he began to fall into an opioid addiction and ultimately turned to Smith for help ending his life, believing that suicide would nullify the crime.

Hours after the shooting, which left Murdaugh with a superficial head injury, he made a surprise announcement that he had left Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth, Detrick, the company founded by his grandfather, to detoxification.

The law firm responded hours later saying Murdaugh had been kicked out days earlier after discovering he had “embezzled money”. The South Carolina state law enforcement agency is currently investigating the company’s allegations.

“It turned out that maybe, not maybe, he had used money from clients and law firms for his use and spent most of that money on opioids,” Harpootlian said on Wednesday. , admitting that his client had stolen funds he had to support your addiction. opioids. .