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A Briton allegedly failed in a bank robbery because a handwritten theft slip was so sloppy the cashier couldn’t read it.

This alleged theft was part of a short-lived rampage in East Sussex by Alan Slattery, 67, which included a second failed theft and a successful theft of $ 3,300, Sussex police said in a press release Wednesday.

Slattery was sentenced to four years in prison and two years in Lewes Crown Court on July 16, police said.

The retiree attempted to rob the Nationwide Building Society on the morning of March 18 by slipping a piece of paper into the cash register, but came out without cash when the cashier could not see the handwriting, the statement said.

It was only after they left that the staff noticed that the note read, “Your screen will not stop what I think of the customer shortly after 10 and 8 (sic).”

The senseless crime was reminiscent of a scene from the 1969 comedy film “Get the Money and Run”, which shows a bank robbery going awry when the potential thief argues with cashiers, a vice president and others over whether his Heist slip says, “Pistol” or “Gub”.

But Slattery continued to do so after his first heist went awry, and on March 26 he posted a note to a Nationwide Building Society cashier who could read it – and handed out around $ 3,300 in cash, a he declared to the police.

Surveillance footage showed Slattery then boarded a bus and, according to police, was identified by the bus company based on the photo on his passport.

Slattery struck one last time before police charged him, this time on April 1 at a NatWest bank, according to the press release. He used a bank note again, but this time the teller refused Slattery and scared him, who left the bank without taking anything, police said.

Police then arrested Slattery for theft and attempted theft near his home, police said. At his home, they found “sticky tags” that matched one of his theft notes, the statement said.

“These incidents have created fear and distress among bank employees and the public,” Detective Constable Jay Fair said in a statement.

“I would like to thank all of the victims and witnesses who supported our investigation, and I am pleased that the gravity of the crimes is reflected in the court’s verdict.”


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