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Alan Moher

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A Jewish Alan Moher real estate millionaire has been jailed for 18 months after refusing to grant his wife a religious divorce after their separation.

Alan Moher Age

Alan Moher, 57, and Caroline Moher, who have three children together, split in 2016 after 21 years together and divorced in family court.

However, Moher did not give her a “get” – a document formally recognizing the end of marriage in the orthodox Jewish faith.

This meant she was unable to remarry, have more children, or form a relationship with another man.

Between January 2016 and January last year, Ms. Moher brought a private lawsuit alleging control or coercive conduct in what her attorneys called a “landmark” case.

Moher, from Salford, was due to appear at Southwark Crown Court last February but changed his plea to guilty.

Anthony Metzer QC, prosecutor, said Moher prevented his wife from remarrying by withholding the get.

He told the court Moher had offered his wife £700,000 for a civil divorce with a get, or £780,000 without a get.

Mr Metzer told the court that in August 2015 Ms Moher was “so devastated” by the “mental and emotional abuse” she had suffered that she attempted suicide.

The court heard that during the suicide attempt, Ms Moher texted her husband to tell him what she had done.

“He replied: ‘What color would you like for your tombstone?’ said Herr Metzer.

On January 22, 2016, the day Moher received a letter from Ms. Moher’s attorney informing him of the divorce proceedings, he told his wife to f*** off and curl up and die.

The next day he grabbed her, wrapped his hands around her neck, spat in her face and threatened to kill her.

Over the next month, Moher refused to let his wife back into their car after dropping off their youngest daughter and acted violently and aggressively, forcing her to take refuge at a nearby pub.

Police were called in April of that year after Moher tried to kick down his wife’s door to get into their home.

The court also heard Moher had a previous public order conviction after he threatened Ms Moher after a hearing at a family court in Manchester.

“He scolded her and told her she would get what was hers,” Metzer said.

A victim statement from Ms. Moher was read to the court.

It read: “Imagine being put in a straitjacket, gagged, your hands and feet tied.

“You’re blindfolded. You’re in a cold, dark place. Your only weapon is that you can hear. You depend on your kidnapper to free you. That’s how I still feel married to Alan.”

Jeffrey Israel, defending himself, said: “My client is a 57-year-old man and barring a single public order incident I would ask the court to treat him as a man of previously good character.”

The court heard that Mr. Moher was entitled to a 10 percent reduction in sentence based on his guilty plea on the first day of the trial.