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Who was Aiden Leos ( Boy, 6, shot dead on way to school ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Aiden Leos

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A 6 year old boy leading to a place of reinforcement on the road at school, shot Friday on a California highway in a apparent scooter accident.

“Mom, my stomach hurts,” said Aiden, reading the times after receiving a shot in the stomach, he declared his Sister Major Alexis Classon Kabc.

Léos visited the nursery at the Chapel of Calvary in Yorba Linda, according to local relations. He had celebrated his birthday last week.

Incident Details

The incident occurred at 8:00 on the north side of the 55 orange motorway, while Aiden led with his mother in a Chevrolet Silver sedan. The child was sitting on his seat on the back passenger side of the vehicle.

The tragedy developed as the unidentified mother, which was not raped, left the driver of a white limousine he had cut by car. A passenger from the white car activates an unknown number of shots, Hit Aiden, said the relationships.

The hectic mother “gathered [Aiden] and his Saigna, had blood in his clothes,” Claonan said. “And then he started transforming the blue, then the ambulance took it. And that’s the last time my mother saw him alive.”

The boy was dead pronounced in a neighboring hospital. The police always look suspicious.

“Please help us those who did it with my little brother,” said Cloonan.

“It was an isolated road trip that is an incident between the mother and another pilot of a white limousine.

A GOFUNDME page created to support Mother Aiden has already reached more than $ 40,000 early in the morning.