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Who was Adam Toledo ( Boy 13, Shot & killed by police officer ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Chicago Police shows the moment a city policeman shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

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Chicago Police Officer Shot Boy, 13

Disturbing body camera footage released by Chicago Police shows the moment a city policeman shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo, first identified as Eric Stillman, last month.

“Police, stop, stop now,” Stillman said as he chased the teenager down an alley. Hands. Let me see your hands.

“Leave him, leave him,” the 34-year-old cop shouts before Toledo turns around and the cop fires a single shot.

The seventh leveler, who appears to be raising his hands a fraction of a second before the shot, falls to the ground.

“Gunshots, gunshots,” the policeman said.

“Everything is fine?” he asks the teenager, who is splashed with blood. “Where did you shoot?”

Then, other police officers arrive on the scene, and nearly two dozen officers and superiors finally meet in various places.

Police said Toledo had a gun in his right hand when he turned around and a gun was found nearby after being shot.

The graphic film was released by the City Police Liability Bureau. Windy City Police called the fatal encounter an “armed confrontation.”

The shooting took place on March 29 after police responded to reports of shooting in the West Side neighborhood.

“Hi, I just heard gunshots,” an emergency caller told the receptionist based on the audio recordings of the call.

“How many shots did you hear?” The supervisor answers.

“It seemed like a lot, a lot,” said the caller. “More than 5.”

Police said the teenager and Rubén Román, 21, fled local police and were being pursued by police.

Stillman’s body camera footage shows him arriving at the crime scene and chasing him, in front of Roman, who falls to the ground and is handcuffed and detained by another officer at the crime scene, and walks past Roman, who usually falls on me. handcuffed and detained by another policeman.

Then he shoots the teenager wearing a “Just Do It” sweater and still breathing but covered in blood.

“I need an ambulance to get my shot,” Stillman smiles. “Police shots”.

Then the officers try to revive Toledo.

“I am going to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation, I don’t feel a heartbeat,” said one of the officers. Get an ambulance.

Local officials spent a few minutes resuscitating the teenager, but he was pronounced dead.

The officers were reassigned to the administrative department after the shooting, authorities said.

At a press conference the previous Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot described the video as “incredibly difficult to watch.”

“As more and more people are looking at these images, I would like to ask everyone again to read about Adam Toledo first,” the mayor said. “No parent should have a video feed of their child’s last moments.”

In a joint statement earlier today, Lightfoot and lawyers for the Toledo family said the release of the footage was “the first step on the family’s path to recovery.”


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